Watch out for Crabs

Thanks to Sakara

Gothiness: 6 Sweatiness: 3
The lovely Sakara writes "These are of me and my mates when we did our annual pilgrimage to a beach in Bridgend South Wales, where we would scare the locals with our paleness and enjoy a nice day... Seeing as I just dont tan I do not fear the sun... " I notice, though, that Sakara and her friends have not just scared the locals, they have comepletely cleared the beach. Although that may have more to do with it being Bridgend than anything else.


Sakara said...

hehe we were in the quite rocky part...not many people go to that part....they prefer that boring flat sandy part round the headland..
we prefer rocks!

Lauren said...

Like anyone could get a tan in Wales anyway.

Ludovica said...

Jolly Splendid! I didn't know they had weather other than "torrential downpour" in Bridgend! How educational this is

Anonymous said...

Bridgend doesn't have a beach, it is 5 miles from the nearest coast.

NigelWyn said...

That's Southerndown. I used to hang about down there during summers in the 90s. There's the ruins of Dunraven Castle nearby to give it a bit of Gormenghast atmos.

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