Dip your toes in the Paddling Pool of Despair

Thanks to Seale Paterson

Gothiness: 6 Sweatiness: 3
Goths only go poolside to study the rest of society, as can be seen by this Gothette intimidating a passing swimmer. Note the textbook deployment of a Gothasol to protect from any harmful 'Daystar rays'. As we know, overexposure to the Sun can cause warmth, smiling, and a desire to think the world's a nice place - all deadly to a true Goth.


La Bouche said...

The goth was probable testing his powers in mind-controlling. It's all in the eyes. That's why the person came to the side of the pool. So close. So scary. Gothasol.

Kat said...

Tee hee! That's me under that parasol at the rooftop pool of the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans.

GothsInHotWeather said...

Hi Madamekat, welcome! Tell me, did the swimmer survive? Enquiring minds need to know!

evilolive said...

lol, I have that parasol/umbrella too Madamekat!

I'm a goth, and I go swimming all the time in the summer! I just make sure to wear a long sleeve UV treated surf shirt and plenty of sunscreen. It also helps that my uncle puts a big patio umbrella by the side of the pool so there's some shade.

Honestly though, even if I wasn't into goth, I would still take the same sun precautions and avoid tanning - my uncle's face is very disfigured from having multiple skin cancers removed.

Pug and Sue said...

The title of this one makes me chuckle. :)

Rissa said...

This photo makes me think of only one thing.


Iowa Nursing Degree said...

Such a beautiful and wise soul. I would have loved to sit with him and talk about anything and everything.
Thanks for sharing!
Lots of love to you,

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