Welcome to the jungle

Thanks to Star Kat (again)
Gothiness: 4 Sweatiness: 5
So Star Kat here is wearing shorts. So what? She's allowed to wear shorts when she's representing in the JUNGLE isn't she? Word to the motherfather, she is. She fancied a one to one with Predator just to see if he was as tough as they say, but it turns out he's gone so far downhill even Adrian Brody can take him now, and Adrian Brody's about as tough as my niece. Anyway, I digress, Star Kat is showing dedication to the Dark cause here, so I salute her. Unless this photo was taken in Kew Gardens, in which case she's a filthy cheat.

Dance, Gothy boy, dance!

Thanks to Star Kat

Sweatiness: 4 Gothiness: 6
All right, so they're only pretending to be goth. OR ARE THEY?

Grave Sweats

Thanks to Elzabi
Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 6

Elzabi writes "This photo may not look particularly sweaty, but a friend accidentally planned a goth-graveyard-picnic on the hottest day of last summer. I learned a valuable lesson that day which I would like to share with your readers: don't wear a corset in hot weather, breathing is necessary even if you think you're undead."
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