Presidential Goth of Approval

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Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 9
Yup, that's St Barack, and that's the Spanish PM, and those are his children. His totally, all out Goth-rocking progeny. As teenage Spaniards it is their duty (their DUTY I tell you) to dress this way. Next year they'll be taking a world tour of Goth heritage sites as part of a cultural exchange. They will bring delicious tapas and backpacks with cuddly bears on the zips, and we'll flog them dodgy bangles from Camden Market that make your skin go green.


Thanks to Missy Reitner

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Run! Run for your lives!

Pumping Goth

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Check out those 68 Guns! These bad boys are just limbering up for a heavy poetry session, presumably involving lengthy discourses on the inner workings of their souls and how ladiee Goths should have the pleasure of their company. What a pair of rhyming couplets!

Gothasol Love

Thanks to Chiaki Tani

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Chiaki Tani writes "That gothasol isn't going to do her any good; it's not sorrow-proof." I should hope not Chiaki! Sorrow is the the lifeblood of every good Darkling; almost as important as Snakebite & Black for extended poetry sessions and soul searching. Not that Goths have souls of course. As far as the Gothasol is concerned, there's no tool in the Goth arsenal more useful for steering clear of the dreaded Daystar, as Chuck here so amply demonstrates:

Gothiness: 9 Sweatiness:6
Don't be fooled by the pale colour of this Gothasol. Take a closer look. See? By the Power of Bauhaus, it's covered in COFFINS!!!

More from Cyril

Thanks to Olivia Gianelli

Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 8
I'm indebted to the young Olivia, who writes; "Just thought you might like a photo of me in my wedding dress braving the nasty burny thing in the sky. We chose to get married on the 21st March, it being the first day of spring we thought it was guaranteed to be either dull or raining (quite possibly both!) as we live in the north of England. However the traitorous weather left us hot sweaty and exhausted, although our guests seemed to enjoy the spectacle, non-goth softies the lot of them!" I feel your pain, Olivia - I and Mrs GIHW got married in Teesdale - a place guaranteed to give you murky overcast summers - in 42 degree heat. We then took our honeymoon in Paris, where 3000 people died of heatstroke in a week.


Thanks to Kelley at Butt Blog

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Now that's the way to do it Gothettes!
(no, I'm not a perv. honest)

Goth Ahoy

Thanks to Stephanie Ford and Tommy B

Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 2
Avast ye! What lurks in yonder waves? 'Tis the Great Black Whale! Set a course for Martha's Harbour this instant! Their timbers may be shivering, but Nick Cave and Winona Ryder here are certainly flying the flag for Goth sailors everywhere.


Thanks to Tobias Kremple

Punkiness: 9 Sweatiness: 7
Tobias tells me this shot is "Not quite the same as goths in hot weather, but there isn't a, and the horse ads such charm to the shot! " Couldn't agree more Tobias - watch your spikes on that mane punky cousins!

Sidenote for the pedants: Yes, they're not Goth, nor are quite a few people on the site. It may have escaped your attention, but this blog is there AS A JOKE, and I like to include all our fellow alternative types - Goth, Punk, Psychobilly, even the Emos. Yes even the Emos. Oh, and anyone who thinks Cyberpunk isn't Goth - you're deluding yourselves ;)
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