At Home with the Gothasons

Gothiness: 6 Sweatiness:5
"Goodness dear, this garden's getting messy! Look at those Azalias, they're running wild."
"Like the torment in my soul, they grow through every space. Binding my waking thoughts with the dark matter of their misery, strangling the young shoots of my happiness in the tangleweed of despair. I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."
"Yes dear. Oooh, is that the kettle boiling?"

David HassleGoth

Thanks to Kathrin Hieronimus

Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 4
An ordinary poolside scene; children playing, mothers chatting, old men hanging around in the bushes looking out of breath - but hang on, what the Dave Vanian is that? Goth ahoy!

Goths in the Grass

Thanks to Bex
Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 9

Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! Bex and her Zeitgeist Zero cohorts lay themselves prone beneath the Daystar in the pursuit of literary greatness. Witness their pasty white skin transforming before your eyes! Weep as their black attire clings with little sweaty beads to their sensitive souls. Sniff their sweaty boots and lay your head next to theirs as they attempt to create a Gothy FlashMob-Scrabble-Performance-Art interpretation - if we all lie together with these brave unfortunates, we will be seen from space, forming the phrase "Generation X". I am Gothymandias, Goth of Goths, Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Close-up: fit!

Bouncy Goth

Thanks to Olivia
Gothiness; 6 Sweatiness: 3
"Mummy, what's that weirdo doing on my trampoline?"
"Come away dear, that's just a Goth trying to find out what it's like for the rest of us."
"Mummy, can I write some poetry now?"
"Step away from the Goth, sweetie!"

The sincerest form of flattery

is plaigiarism, or so I'm told. Whatever. I'm liking your Goth angle, kid :)
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