The sincerest form of flattery

is plaigiarism, or so I'm told. Whatever. I'm liking your Goth angle, kid :)


aj rez said...

The original is always better.

Qat said...

It had to happen sometime, chief.

I'm still trying to contrive a circumstance that will get all my spooky friends in one place at one time with a camera for you. Maybe I'll stick us all in an arboreal situation and kill two bloggy birds with one pixelated stone. Can't possibly make it any harder. I can't seem to corral these people.

Vera said...

HAHAHAAAAAAAA..... I just sent a link on FB to to my gothy Australian friend b/c she posted I said "Love it, but not as great as"

Keep up the good gothiness, I love this blog :-)

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