What's this all about then?
Simple really - it's a site for celebrating the majesty of the Goth.  But then you've probably already guessed that.

Are you taking the piss?

Do you hate Goths then?
Not at all. I used to be one for a bit, and I still have many friends who are Goth or alternative in some way.  I only wish I still had the balls to be one of them.  I'm too fat and bald now.  This site is absolutely NOT about being rude for no reason (if you want that, then go to Look at This Fucking Hipster) - all the Goths I've known have been intelligent, reasonable and only occasionally morose.  More importantly,  they're good at laughing at themselves - and if you can't do that, then you won't get what this site is all about.

You're not funny at all, this site is crap.
Fair enough.  Have a nice day, move along now.

I like your style - you funny guy.
Thanks baby, you have good taste :)

Can I send you a picture?
Hell yes, I need all the shots I can get.  Send me the highest res version you can, I'll optimise it for teh interwebs myself.

What sort of picture can I send you?
Well, preferably a picture of a Goth.  In hot weather.  But frankly I'm easy, just send something in and I'll see if I can make a joke out of it.

No, I mean what format, dickhead.
Oh, right.  Sorry.  Anything is fine - jpeg, raw, png, whatever.  I've got mad Photoshop skillz, me!

Is it only Goths?
No.  I'll take anything you've got with gratitude - I'm a particular fan of punks and rockabillies, so send 'em in, and maybe one day this site will be about more than just Sundodgers.  Anyone interested in www.rockersinswimmingpools.com?

Can I stage a photo?
Ooh, ooh, yes please!  If you and some Darkling friends want to have a shoot / convention / party for me than I'll be more grateful than you can possibly imagine :)

I saw an awesome Goth on the street and got a photo of the back of his head!  Do you want it?
Meh... Thanks, but next time try just telling them you think they look awesome and ask if they'd pose for a photo to send in to me.  You'd be surprised how happy they are to do it.

Can I link to you?  Will you link back?
Yes please, that's very kind of you.  I don't always link back - sorry to sound rude, but I think people only want to see links to similar sites, so i try to keep it that way.  Best thing is to mail me rather then posting as a comment.

Can I steal your photos for my site?
I'd rather you didn't - they're not mine you see.  They belong to the people who are kind enough to send them in.

There's a photo of me in there!  I'm going to sue your ass, motherfucker!
Please don't.  Bear in mind that all the photos shown here have been reproduced with permission, so suing me is a bit pointless.  If you're not happy with your photo being on here, then let me know and I'll take it down - after I've pleaded with you to see the funny side.

Dude, you're lazy!  You haven't posted any new links in the last 20 minutes!  Come on, I want to see more!  
Cool your jets!  In case you haven't noticed I do this on the side - I've got a job, a child and a hot wife to look after.  I try to post as often as I can, but the I.T. people at work are already wondering why I'm Googling 'hot goth' so often.  (btw, don't Google that phrase with safesearch turned off.  Or do, depending on what you want to see). Stick with me, dear reader -  I want you here as often as possible.  Best thing is to follow me on Twitter, then you'll get notified every time I add a new entry.

Is it true you're writing a book?
Shhh!  Don't tell!  I'm writing it, but I don't have a publisher yet (although Wayne Hussey has already written the foreword!).  If you are a publisher, then click here.

What's with all the shots of Steampunks?  Steampunks aren't Goth at all! 
Stop kidding yourself sweetheart.  You are so Goth.
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