Beached Goths

Thanks to Paul Samolyk

Gothiness: 6 Sweatiness: 9
Paul writes "both of these kids had black jeans on.... furthermore they both went swimming fully clothed and then one proceeded to lay directly on 150 degree sand while soaking wet." Well done you two! I thought for one moment that revealing your dodgy-tattoo-stringbean arms was taking too much of a risk, but you've managed to pull it back with the non-removable trouser incident. This is true dedication to the cause!

Weirs Science

Spotted by Kat, lifted from
Fashion Fail - Should Be Reading The Weird Times, AMIRITE?!
Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 6
Um. Right. Here goes... Nope. no words. Just no words.

Gratuitous Hot Gothette

Merzbau, originally uploaded by nomad_fh.

To quote comic 'genius' Roy Chubby Brown; If this was my daughter I'd still be bathing her.

Goth family

, originally uploaded by keiforce.

"Yup" smiles young Hans as he poses with with his parents, "my folks are twats and I don't mind."

Wind Beneath My Wings

IMG_6548c, originally uploaded by A Girl Named Ruth ;o).

Well that's one way to keep cool Gothette!

Shot 18

Thanks again to Jenivere Stunt

Gothiness: 9  Sweatiness: 9
Jenivere comes up trumps once again with the extreme FMB / facepaint combo.  Not sure why she's holding a FUCKING GUN but I'm pretty certain the 'why the fuck are you making me do this' look she's giving the camera explains a lot.  Did I mention that she's holding a FUCKING GUN?

Unadulterated self worship

I love fan mail, me. Keep it coming Liisa!

If I had your mailing address I would post you something with sparkly bats in it and a wax seal but this email will have to do. Short note to say how much I love your blog! It was funny the first time, and it's still funny. I visit often. And I am looking forward to the book that will inevitably result.

It's horrifically hot over here in Toronto this weekend. Sadly, all the Goths are in hiding it seems. If I ever snap a great one, it's all yours! I so wish I had turned the camera on the couple I spotted in Egypt once -- middle of the afternoon at Karnak Temple -- New Rock boots, velvet cloaks, the full deal. I only hoped they were on their way to a photo shoot. But even Andrew Eldritch wore white for the desert....

Anyway, keep on keeping on!

In obscurum,

Thanks to Ryan Martin
Gothiness: 8  Sweatiness: 7
oh for a coconut to quell the dark waters of my soul!  This gothette is obviously living out her Lost fantasy by pretending to have washed up on a deserted shore with nothing but a Gothasol  and a coconut stand between her and the Dayster.  Oh the torment!

Desert shady

Thanks to Madi

Gothiness: 5  Sweatiness: 8
well done for standing in the middle of the daylight heat, Madi, but several minus points for using a broken umbrella instead of a gothasol. Poor show!

House-trained Goth

Thanks to Steve Dey
Gothiness: -3 Sweatiness: 4
Remember friends; you're never too Goth to help your mum out around the house :)
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