Unadulterated self worship

I love fan mail, me. Keep it coming Liisa!

If I had your mailing address I would post you something with sparkly bats in it and a wax seal but this email will have to do. Short note to say how much I love your blog! It was funny the first time, and it's still funny. I visit often. And I am looking forward to the book that will inevitably result.

It's horrifically hot over here in Toronto this weekend. Sadly, all the Goths are in hiding it seems. If I ever snap a great one, it's all yours! I so wish I had turned the camera on the couple I spotted in Egypt once -- middle of the afternoon at Karnak Temple -- New Rock boots, velvet cloaks, the full deal. I only hoped they were on their way to a photo shoot. But even Andrew Eldritch wore white for the desert....

Anyway, keep on keeping on!

In obscurum,

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Zachary Alex Stern said...

Andrew Eldritch IS NOT A FUCKING GOTH.

-Andrew Eldritch

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