hosting disaster

Hopefully you've found me back here - well done if you have! I seem to have lost my domain url thanks to Blogger's frankly useless hosting service that doesn't tell you it's time to renew, and then doesn't give you any way at all to pay for another year without having a godaddy account number, which was never given in the first place. Now it seems the domain has been bought by another gothlover (or cybersquatting corporate bastard, one of the two). Hopefully I'll have the old site back up soon, in the meantime if anyone knows how to rescue an expired blogger domain name, please let me know!

Over to you Cyril...

Thanks to Jim Lacey
Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 9
I'm indebted to a young man from Berlin who writes "Find attached a photo of a guy I saw on the Berlin subway today. It was 36C outside at the time. THIRTY SIX! His coat was ankle length, thick thick leather with thick thick lining. Plus boots. And sunglasses. He was looking very red and sweaty around the face (diminishing his goth credentials) I would've blacked out the dudes eyes to protect his identity, but he probably would've liked that." Congratulations Jim, you've made the hall of fame! I especially admire the finger over the lens, proving you surreptitiously took the shot with your phone. We can all learn a lesson from young Jim, friends - get that covert camera phone action going!

Gothalo spotted

Thanks to Ben Lavery
Gothiness: 7 Sweatiness: 5
Yes it's true - London can have heatwaves too. And when the Daystar is shining, these black'clad darklings do nothing more than don a pair of fishnet gloves. Oh, the temptation of fate! That peddalo won't get you far from the ultraviolet, nor will the Serpentine's swans protect you with their oversized wings. Though come to think of it, that would make a pretty good Goth accessory - a trained Swan to follow you round and act as a gothasol. Any Swan Uppers around fancy taking up the challenge?

p.s. Yes I know it's a bit fuzzy, but frankly I've just applied for a job with Ben's company, so I'm doing all I can to gain favour in his camp :)
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