hosting disaster

Hopefully you've found me back here - well done if you have! I seem to have lost my domain url thanks to Blogger's frankly useless hosting service that doesn't tell you it's time to renew, and then doesn't give you any way at all to pay for another year without having a godaddy account number, which was never given in the first place. Now it seems the domain has been bought by another gothlover (or cybersquatting corporate bastard, one of the two). Hopefully I'll have the old site back up soon, in the meantime if anyone knows how to rescue an expired blogger domain name, please let me know!


Ali said...

Thank Goth I found you! I knew you wouldn't go gently into that good night.

After being crestfallen at seeing the domain was no more, I immediately went to the search engine and the blogspot account popped right up. Giddy-up!

Bring on the sweaty gothiness!

petalbelles said...

As a follower, I've been trying and trying and to access your site and keep coming up with that bogus website. I've missed the pics and the brilliant commentary. I'm so happy you're still up. Of the other people who have hijacked your site, bastards, the lot of them.

BlackRose said...

Well it could be worse, at lest it doesn't send you to a porn site.

Photographer Leia said...

Don't worry, I was able to find you after a google search which led me to this page.

Anonymous said...

stay the course. keep up the good fight. do not go gently into that good night. none of our comments are remotely helpful, are they? I think the answer will be found elsewhere--your concept seems to attract naught but technofools.

there's always re-naming the site: If you build it, we will come.

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