Beach Blanket Babygoth

Thanks to Alethea Carr

Gothiness: 6 Sweatiness: 7
Alethea writes "This dedicated darkling was spotted under her gothasol on a 95 degree day. What is she writing? A short story worthy of Poe? A poem about the heartwrenching pain of summer vacations? A shopping reminder to buy more cloves? Note her one concession to the heat: a pair of gothy-industrial flip flops. And her one fatal flaw: an exposed line of scalp. That’s going to hurt next time she backcombs."


DJ Consumptiva said...

Just noticed that she is left-handed, the hand of the Devil. She deserves a bonus goth point for that.

opuscule said...

Brilliant, just brilliant! Keep up the good work. Reposted at :

Unknown said...

Yay! She's internet famous!

Come see her, and us, at We have all types, not just goths.

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