Goths, I love 'em! I even used to be one for a bit (well, I was a Didi-Goth for at least 6 months). But there's one thing that troubles me about our cheery friends: what to do they do in summer? All that makeup, long black leather and rubber must get very sticky. I think we should show our respect for these poor unfortunates, struggling to stand out from the vanilla crowd despite blazing temperatures and sunshine that puts the rest of us in shorts and vest tops. Join me in celebrating the majesty of the Goth, who, eschewing any practicality whatever, still has the commitment to don a full length leather trenchcoat, stupid New Rock boots, and half a Superdrug counter of makeup. All hail the Hot Goth!

Gothic Charm School

Thanks to: escaflowne8

Gothiness: 9 Sweatiness: 8
escaflowne8 writes that this picture was taken "on a blazingly hot tea party picnic for the gothic charm school book release...feel free to poke all the fun you want." Well, escaflowne8, that would be entirely ungallant. But it's good to see that you've taken the Charm School commandments to heart.
Gothasol? Check. Top hat and ornate veil? Check. Expression that suggests someone out of shot has just painted a smile and a pair of comedy tits on your statue of Satan? Checkeddy-check-check!


Anonymous said...


Gimmons said...

In my dreams I only imagine such a dessert such as that lass, my god, a goth I see, and I like, yes, she is a vision that I am lucky to see. I only wish she would show me her pasty tiggins.

Gimmons said...

I wish I could on a four foot poll and view her gothic, pasty tiggins

Allison of RockLove Jewelry said...

Oh goodness, I was at that Book Release too with author Jillian Venters. Many a sweaty goth in fine tea-wear. I know I must have more photos somewhere... what's left unsaid here is that the "Gothic Charm School" book release was in one of New York City's finest cemeteries - and in pure gawth fashion, everyone posed with tombstones all afternoon.

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