Goth Goth Revolution

Thanks to Alison Ehrick

Gothiness: 7 Sweatiness: 9
Goths and technology are natural friends, but this surely is a marriage made in hell. Walk through your local arcade, and perhaps you'll be lucky enough to witness the sight of two taffeta-clad Gothettes pounding away to their favourite Dark Tune (I didn't know Fields of the Nephilim was available as an option on these games). Dance, Gothy girls, dance!


Alyss said...

Liking the new layout! :D

Anonymous said...

They look so serious! Not a hint of irony to be found. Especially the lady in the back watching them; she is meticulously poised

missy said...

AHAHAHAH funniest ever!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder what would happen if you lost a match against them? will you perish?

Firefey said...

They are gonna hit the hard parts where you have to jump around and pop right out of their corset tops. Black eyes are not goth!

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