Davros Goth

Thanks to: Geraint Edwards

Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 9 bottom half, 5 top half
Auditioning for the new Goth Dr Who turned out to be only a partial success for this Goth. Told he was to be the new leader of the Goth Daleks, did he get the requisite studded metal bottom on wheels? Did he buffalo. No, he got a whole load of Immobility Sand for an arse and he's stranded in the bloody sunshine with half his body exposed to the Daystar so that he explodes like that chap in Blade.
I think we can all see how he feels about it.


Anonymous said...

How did my son get to that beach...He told me he was studying...

Nah, not really...my son never goes out in the mid-day sun!

He has the same finger though...but he prefers two!

vlad the impaler said...

charming, Im sure

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