Come together and celebrate, Goth!

Today is International Goth Day! Who made that one up? Whoever it was, she or he is a certified GENIUS. To celebrate this occasion, I urge to head over to the wonderful and join the archetypal Goth discussion: 'Who is your favourite tragic hero?'
If you can't be arsed to click the link, I give you a sample:
"I imagine Cassandra , the slave-girl, the unwilling harbinger of doom, tearing her lovely hair in agony that I completely understand when the curse of the House of Atreus was coming down upon the land, and murder was taking place inside the palace she could not enter, and no one would listen; I do SO understand..."


Mrs Woman said...

Quite like Persephone, but with only vague knowledge of the legend, I'll make one up: Both Ian Asbury and Pete Murphy fall for her exquisite charms and end up scrapping for her honour in the shadow of Whitby Abbey...

Bloody great site, consider yerself Tweeted about. Happy IG Day x

Ernie Wheeler said...

Your blog absolutely fascinates me. I've found myself returning to it repeatedly, trying to wrap my brain around these people's reality, and have even devoted a post on my blog to it ( Thanks for expanding my universe!

Anonymous said...

She is stunning! Wow, really. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

the automatic goth poetry creator on there is not to be missed...;)great site...a tribute to beautiful irony

Vlad The Impalah said...

ARGH! The Victorians are a scrouge upon the Earth!

From whence do the come?

I dont ever remember Uncle Bob dressed as a chimey sweep saying "God Save Ol'Queen Vic!".


You should also have Goths in the Rain..which is a frequent feature of Whitby...the laugh is, this lot look like a boat load of drowned extras from Dracula, and the rest of us can just pop home and change our Mission t-shirts and black jeans.


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