Bathing Beauties

BathingBeauties_01, originally uploaded by Ashbet.

Gothiness: 6 Sweatiness: 3

Ashbet has come up trumps again with these two Dark Delights defying the Daystar for our benefit. I am, however, concerned for their flagrant disregard for local community legislation by choosing to bathe in what is clearly a municipal fountain. Hopefully they'll blind any passing community support police officers with the reflection from their pasty white skin.


Qat said...

Ooh, aren't they pretty creatures? I particularly like the blonde's matching swimwear and accessories.

I admire their gumption. I could never go out in a bikini. Never ever. I'm too much of a shybat.

Hostel Dog said...

The one in the red looks like she just trumped.

DJ Argus said...

I say lower the score for Gothiness. As Jen said in the old cartoon show MTV Downtown (it's a good cartoon, look it up on Youtube), "Anyone with 15 dollars can buy fishnet stockings, it doesn't automatically make you 'exotic.'"

Silverlight said...

Ah, but Mister Argus, it's not the *purchasing* of the stockings that makes you exotic or not – it's the *wearing* of the stockings and the having of enough gumption to do so! I say let the score stand, and bravo to a lady who has found an un-sweaty way to look gothic and remarkable even in togs.

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