Goths, I love 'em! I even used to be one for a bit (well, I was a Didi-Goth for at least 6 months). But there's one thing that troubles me about our cheery friends: what to do they do in summer? All that makeup, long black leather and rubber must get very sticky. I think we should show our respect for these poor unfortunates, struggling to stand out from the vanilla crowd despite blazing temperatures and sunshine that puts the rest of us in shorts and vest tops. Join me in celebrating the majesty of the Goth, who, eschewing any practicality whatever, still has the commitment to don a full length leather trenchcoat, stupid New Rock boots, and half a Superdrug counter of makeup. All hail the Hot Goth!

Bathing Beauties

BathingBeauties_01, originally uploaded by Ashbet.

Gothiness: 6 Sweatiness: 3

Ashbet has come up trumps again with these two Dark Delights defying the Daystar for our benefit. I am, however, concerned for their flagrant disregard for local community legislation by choosing to bathe in what is clearly a municipal fountain. Hopefully they'll blind any passing community support police officers with the reflection from their pasty white skin.


Qat said...

Ooh, aren't they pretty creatures? I particularly like the blonde's matching swimwear and accessories.

I admire their gumption. I could never go out in a bikini. Never ever. I'm too much of a shybat.

Hostel Dog said...

The one in the red looks like she just trumped.

DJ Argus said...

I say lower the score for Gothiness. As Jen said in the old cartoon show MTV Downtown (it's a good cartoon, look it up on Youtube), "Anyone with 15 dollars can buy fishnet stockings, it doesn't automatically make you 'exotic.'"

Silverlight said...

Ah, but Mister Argus, it's not the *purchasing* of the stockings that makes you exotic or not – it's the *wearing* of the stockings and the having of enough gumption to do so! I say let the score stand, and bravo to a lady who has found an un-sweaty way to look gothic and remarkable even in togs.

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