Charidee Bandana

Nothing to do with Goths, this one, but the company I work for has just produced a microsite for Children in Need (UK charity for those of you who don't know). Please visit and buy yourself a Pudsey Bandana - I've got a free copy of the upcoming Goths in Hot Weather book (if the bastard thing ever gets a publisher) for the first of you who can send in a photo of a Pirate Goth wearing one!


Anonymous said...

I am your 500th follower...I'd smile but the darker, cooler side of me forbids it!

As a "dark child" of the early 1980's you do not know how gorgeously sad your site makes me!
I was part of "The Black October Tour"...and followed the "Neph" and "The Damned" everywhere they went...if that means anything to you all...can't do it anymore though...those heels played havoc with my knees...ha ha ha ...sorry boo hoo hoo!

I'm off to look at the microsite right now!

GothsinHotWeather said...

I think we were at the same gigs then! 500 is my new favourite number :)

Melinda said...

I don't want credit, as I haven't taken the photo, but I wanted to tell you who was in it! The fella with the bow on his pretty head is James, my husband, and the one with the bandana is his best friend (at the time), Eric. They were about sixteen and we reckon it was taken about 1990, but he isn't sure what year it was because he lived in Germany at the time and was clearly pickled when it was taken. Just to let you know I nearly died laughing when I saw it and LOVE IT. You have his permission to use it because he's got a great sense of humour and hey, it's for charity!

Vlad The Impaler said...

and there was me thinking that "I'm with the Bear" was some sort of special code from the world of Man on Man love.


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