Birthday Goth

Gothiness: 9 Sweatiness: 7
Birthday Goth and her boyfriend here were kind enough to actually pose when I accosted them in Whitby Beach, spiritual home of the Goth. A big expanse of beach, bright sunshine, donkey rides, everyone else in t-shirts, and these two don't just Goth out, they even have the attention to detail to make sure their plastic bags are black and purple! It takes a lot of work to find a shop that hands out purple plastic bags - fine work Gothette. She even represents when paddling. Mind you, the North Sea is bloody freezing.


crydwynn said...

Your blog is super cute!

Anonymous said...

While you give them praise for finding those black and purple bags you should know that there is not much credit at all that should be given for such. You see the stores the Goth shops at only carry black and purple bags. So really they would have to be complete morons if they did not sport black and purple bags.

TomLenham said...

That's no argument - where do the Goth Shops get their purple bags from eh? That's what I want to know!

Unknown said...

Okay, in all seriousness, a lot of the shops in Camden (and one or two in smaller towns) use black and purple bags for exactly this reason. Super-expensive carrier bags FTW!

TomLenham said...

I'll keep my eye out next time I'm down the Lock then TraumaDoll!

Sidenote friends - TraumaDoll has a very good blog of her own with some interesting articles, not least about intolerence, bigots, and Sophie Lancaster at

Qat said...

Hail! This is my first comment ever, but I've been popping in to read for a good while now. Anyway.

There is exactly one store that gives you your purchases in purple bags out here in San Diego, and it's a rather cheery new-agey little shop, too, with happy music and fruit-scented incense going at all times.

Black/silver bags are available a couple miles down the road from there at the local purveyor of adult toys and corsetry.

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