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Bats Day 2008 - Our First!, originally uploaded by kimncris.

Gothiness: 5 Sweatiness: 7
Kim and Cris here have joined the throng at the infamous Bat's Day at Disneyland. Respect for representing our Lady of Introspective Conception Siouxsie Sioux, but minus points for using a golf umbrella rather than a gothasol. Poor show! On the subject of Bat's Day, I will offer my right liver and some of my finest dark poetry to the person who can deliver the following shots:
1 - Goth and Mickey Mouse
2 - Goths riding a roller coaster (must look grumpy)
3 - Goths with Mickey mouse ears

Go get 'em Gothseekers!

Sidenote: When I went to see The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux opened (in more ways than one). She was wearing nought but a leather jacket and a g-string, which broke halfway through her set. She didn't even notice and just carried on singing.


Kim Knight said...

Oh hey - That's me! (the "kim" half of kimncris). The site is lots of fun, and thanks for featuring us.

In defense of my umbrella, however, I just wanted to let you know that I'm dressed as the character Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics - hence, the regular umbrella. I thought Death would enjoy Disneyland, so I put together the outfit in her honor.

Also, if you look closely, you'll see that my top hat has mouse ears, so I'll be expecting to see some of that dark poetry soon! :)

Nick Wallis said...

Extraordinary Siouxsie anecdote - when was this? Dates and locations pleeeease.

GothsInHotWeather said...

Oh god, mid 80's sometime, maybe 86 / 87? My mind's a bit of a blur around that time lol. I definitely remember it was at Wembley Arena, though...

Anonymous said...

I was just popping over to say the exact thing KKnight said. The lady is clearly dressed as Neil Gaiman's Death. The man beside her is wearing a Death t-shirt. No Siouxsie need apply.

The Streampunk said...

Wow, naked siouxsie sure beats the pants off marylin manson with a candy-cane up his ass. (but he WAS way cooler back then)

Noah K said...

Wow. I was wondering when photos from my event was going to start popping up here.



Thanks for the fun.

Stay Spooky
Noah K

D said...

Oh, I'm sure she noticed. She probably just didn't care.

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