Goth in the hole!

Thanks to Jonas Christ
Gothiness: 9 Sweatiness: 8
Representing for Darklings everywhere, this brave soul tackles the undergrowth of Vanilla society like a hero of yore, attempting to get his balls as close to the hole as possible by stroking his stick correctly. I love innuendo, me. The more observant amongst you will notice our friend here has even gone to the length of finding a black golf ball to use. Good work, sir!


The Flying Tortoise said...

Black ball... attention to detail...

Unknown said...

Glad to see you're getting some new posts up. And you're not using all the obvious gag material in your commentary.

Like, what's that he's holding? Guess it must be a "goth" club. He looks kind of short. But then it does look like he's miniature "gothing".

Ha! These gags practically write themselves!

GothsinHotWeather said...

want a job?

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