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Wave Gothic Festival

Gothiness: 9 Sweatiness: 6
So, the festive cheer of the non-demononational holiday period has been and gone, and the burning question on your lips is this: what is the Goth-about-town wearing this season? Fear not, darkling, I can confidently predict the demise of the Gothasol (though as you can see, some tradgoth diehards are clinging on to yesteryear's look). Goths and Gothettes, I give you.. THE GOTHWING. Or fan as some might call it. The Impressive Clergyman calls it a gothwing, and who are we to doubt the word of a trend forecaster such as he? The contextual usage, he tells me, should be thus; " I was up that Camden Market recently and spotted Lauren Laverne fanning her face with a rather fetching Victorian lace Gothwing." Get in touch with your local Gothic outfitter now!

Wave Gothic Festival


Anonymous said...

Also in this year: "getting the vapors."

The Impressive Clergyman said...

Like a Goth to a flame, get two Gothwings and you too can become a Gothafly! For 2010, it's also important to note that Gothwings are unisex - any male Goth being pissy about cross-dressing is probably missing the point.

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