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Thanks to Olivia Gianelli

Gothiness: 8 Sweatiness: 8
I'm indebted to the young Olivia, who writes; "Just thought you might like a photo of me in my wedding dress braving the nasty burny thing in the sky. We chose to get married on the 21st March, it being the first day of spring we thought it was guaranteed to be either dull or raining (quite possibly both!) as we live in the north of England. However the traitorous weather left us hot sweaty and exhausted, although our guests seemed to enjoy the spectacle, non-goth softies the lot of them!" I feel your pain, Olivia - I and Mrs GIHW got married in Teesdale - a place guaranteed to give you murky overcast summers - in 42 degree heat. We then took our honeymoon in Paris, where 3000 people died of heatstroke in a week.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty = )

My wedding dress was made of white, thin silk, but do to the sheer bulk of the thing (it LOOKED breezy and simple- but looks are decieving) sweat was dripping off me through out both fittings AND during the ceremony- I must say this lass did it better than me- and with goth flair! Well done!

me! said...

Love the red wedding dress. I think we all need to break the white dress tradition.

Dirgesinger said...

I had a black wedding dress this August - alas it was not the official wedding, it all was organized by my friends, but I am sure wearing that was much fun then it will be waering the white:)

Steamboat Fatty said...

Goodness! I take it back. She looks like a wrestler!

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